Made in Texas with Love and Peppers

For several summers as a kid, I got to attend Multi-Cultural Camp where I was introduced to different cultures, customs and food from around the world. This is where I learned of my love for different flavors and spices, specifically HEAT! I'm here to share that love with you. I've developed several different sauces that bring out the flavor of the pepper without trying to JUST bring the pain. Let me introduce you to some fine Texas sauces!

  • Fresh Ingredients

    We make our sauces with only fresh ingredients and no thickener or preservatives. The salt and vinegar in the sauce act as a natural preservative creating the freshest taste! Because of this, separation is natural, shake well before using!

  • Orders

    Most orders are processed within 2-3 days and sent for shipping. If there are any delays, we will communicate that directly.

  • Homegrown Series

    Occasionally we will release seasonal and experimental sauces in our Homegrown Series. These sauces are made from locally harvested peppers and community gardens in the Austin area. These sauces will only be available at local farmers markets.