About Us

It's amazing what a few simple words can do - "You should really sell this!". Hearing it in passing once or twice, may not have had an impact. But hearing it numerous times, we started thinking - is it really that good? Being stuck at home for a while, we spent the parts of the COVID pandemic using cooking as a coping tool. That is when we started to experiment with different sauces using peppers, mostly to put on our bbq in place of bbq sauce. Friends would give us peppers from their garden to make a new creation and we were able to tinker with recipes. Well a few years and lots of trials and taste tests later, we launched Summer Camp Sauces. Named after Aaron's experiences as a kid that helped shape who he is today, these sauces are near and dear to our hearts. We can guarantee they will add flare and flavor to any of your meals!

Two things we are passionate about - collaboration and community. We are forever grateful for the support we have received as we start this journey and we are more than happy to give back to the community. With our Homegrown series, this will allow some of central Texas' local gardeners to provide peppers and work to design a special sauce that will be available on a limited basis. We will share their gardening story as well and highlight them on the site. Another way we are giving back is by donating a portion of our profits to Mobile Loaves & Fishes and Community First! who have done so much in the central Texas area to try and combat an ever increasing issue in homelessness. 

Lastly, we will say thank you for checking out the site and our sauces. None of this would be possible with out your support and that means the world to us!

- The Davies, Owners