Chicken Verde Enchiladas - Intermediate


This recipe you can play around with the filling a little bit, but these are definitely a family favorite! Takes a little time to assemble, but the jalapeno sauce adds a nice twist to your standard verde enchilada sauce. 


2 Cups shredded Chicken (can be smoked, slow cooked or even rotisserie)

1 can refried beans (I use black but any will do)

2 cans of small hot green chilies

2 Jalapeno peppers diced

1 1/2 bag of white shredded cheese (or more if you like it extra cheesy)

1 pack of corn tortillas ( I use the raw ones you need to cook, but you will have to soften them up either way)

Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Fajita season to taste (by your own or make your own - if you do make you own do a combo of chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic salt, onion powder, cayenne and a pinch of sugar)

Crema to top


1. Mix chicken, heated beans, 1/2 bag of cheese, and diced jalapeno into a bowl. Season the mixture with the fajita seasoning for desired taste. If you prefer a creamier filling, you can add some sour cream or cream cheese to the mix if you want. Once done, preheat the oven to 375 F. 

2. Heat the tortillas until soft and keep them in a tortilla warmer or wrapped in paper towel and aluminum foil while you heat them all up.

3. One at a time, fill the middle of the tortilla with the chicken mixture so you are able to just roll it in a circle.

4. Place them in a lightly greased pan, (usually a 13x9 depending on how many you make).

5. Mix the two cans of green chilies with 3-4 tbsp of jalapeno hot sauce (or more if you want!). You can leave it chunky or blend it in a small food processor. Top the enchiladas with the sauce.

6. Top them with the bag of cheese spread evenly over each one and put into the oven. Bake until warm and bubbly (time can vary from 15-30 minutes)

7. Remove from oven and let it cool a bit. Serve topped with extra jalapeno sauce and crema!