Avocado Egg Salad - Beginner


This is a fantastic alternative to mayo based egg salad that is just as smooth and flavorful. It's easy to make and can easily be customizable. As you can see I dropped it on some bread with a slice of bacon but its definitely good on it's own too. I used the Jalapeno sauce for this one because I love the combo with eggs, but you can use most of the other sauces for this as well!


4 Small Avocados

5 Hard Boiled Eggs (Make your own or buy the pre-made store bought ones)

2 Limes juiced (or you can use pre-made lime juice)

1 Can of Corn (I did fiesta corn, can use frozen ones heated up and cooled too!)

2 Shallots diced (Can also use Red Onion as an alternative)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Drizzle of Summer Camp Sauces Jalapeno


1. Cut and scoop out the avocados into a bowl. Some people save the pits to put in their leftover containers to prevent spoilage but I usually toss. Mix up the avocados real good with the lime juice until the texture is creamy.

2. Dice the eggs - I usually cut long ways in half and then dice them up. No need to separate the yolks. Stir them into the avocado mixture.

3. Dice the shallots and stir them in.

4. Add the corn and drizzle some jalapeno sauce on top. Mix it all together.

5. Salt and pepper to taste for your liking. 

You can dish it out on some bread or an english muffin. Make a sandwich out of it with some cheese. Eat it like a dip if you really want. It is very versatile. If you like it a little creamier, you can add a little mayo if you want but it's not necessary! You can also experiment with different spices depending on your mood. 

For keeping it, avocado can go bad quick so I like to keep it as air tight as possible. I put them in little single serve containers to eat in the next 2 days. I will also top them with a little extra lime juice to help stop the oxidation.